Charla de Tesis II Magíster en Ciencias mención Computación/ Alumna: Constanza Csori

Título de la tesis: "Achieving transparency in public decision making
processes via verifiable randomness"

In public decision making processes there are different factors that affect the delivery of transparency and the capacity of people involved in it. The importance of maintaining a balance between the different actors and tools available leads us to a crossroads that must be negotiated and allow for an opportunity to investigate alternative possibilities.
There are two main questions with their respective approaches. Is it possible to deliver transparency through verifiable randomness? Is it possible to introduce private data in this process and maintain the raised invariable? An attempt to address both these questions is made by a working prototype at the National Audit Office of Chile (Contraloría General de la República de Chile) and the research model seeks to achieve the desired state in which we can determine if there is a definite answer.
It is possible to present a real life case of verifiable randomness with public data and also attempt to start to define the parameters required where information may be private. This model can be implemented thanks to the Randomness Beacon from the Universidad de Chile and NIST, which provides a steady and reliable source of randomness.

Sala Grace Hopper
Universidad de Chile

Beauchef 851, edificio poniente, 3er piso

Fecha del evento
18 de Junio de 2018
11:30 - 13:00