Charla: “DNS Robustness Amid Misconfiguration, Attack, and Abuse”
Casey Deccio, Brigham Young University.

Abstract: The Domain Name System has been around for over 30 years.  It continues to be a target, both of attack and abuse.  Cache poisoning or typo squatting can affect end users by transparently redirecting their network traffic to a destination other than that they intended. Reflection and amplification attacks use the resources of unwitting DNS attacks.  DNS privacy has become a concern as users use third-party DNS services, outside their network.  While solutions have been proposed, their deployment is not always easy nor ubiquitous. In this talk, I discuss some of the challenges faced by the DNS, as well as some of the proposed solutions.  I will discuss DNSSEC, DDoS and Response Rate Limiting, and multi-vantage point measurement techniques.


Bio: Casey Deccio is Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Brigham Young University.  His research interests are in network measurement and anti-abuse for improved stability and security of the Internet. He leads the Internet Measurement and Anti-Abuse Laboratory (IMAAL), which

research includes (but is not limited to) the following areas: NS/DNSSEC deployment and measurement, IPv6 deployment and measurement, and DDoS prevention and mitigation techniques.


Comunicaciones DCC

Auditorio Ramón Picarte
Facultad de Cs. Físicas y Matemáticas
Universidad de Chile

Beauchef 851, edificio norte, 3er piso

Fecha del evento
25 de Marzo de 2019
12:00 - 13:30

Javier Bustos