Charla de Tesis I Magíster Ciencias mención Computación /Demian Aley Schkolnik Muller

Profs. Guías: Nancy Hitschfeld - Benjamín Bustos
Fecha        : Jueves 30 de Noviembre  - 15 horas
Sala            : Sala 307 Grace Hopper

Título Tesis: "Efficient Void Finding Algorithm"

The current, and most accepted cosmological model of the universe is called Lambda Cold Dark Matter. The model suggests the existence of large scale structures present in our universe: nodes, filaments, walls and voids. Voids are of great interest to astrophysicists, since their observation serves as a validation for the model. Voids are usually defined as under-dense regions in space, with only a few galaxies inside them. Many authors have different definitions of voids, which, in turn, makes the task of building a robust void finder very difficult. There are numerous algorithms, but few of them are scalable and robust to noise. In this thesis, we will propose two new methods, using new approaches to find voids, such as combining Delaunay Triangulations with k-nearest-neighbor search algorithms. We will develop a new, fast and robust cosmic void-finding algorithm, that outperforms existing ones in terms of algorithmic complexity, memory usage and effectiveness.

Sala Grace Hopper
Universidad de Chile

Beauchef 851, edificio poniente, 3er piso

Fecha del evento
30 de Noviembre de 2017
15:00 - 16:00