Charla de Tesis II Magíster en Ciencias mención Computación/ Alumno: José Moreno

Título de la Tesis: "Faceted browsing interface for diverse large-scale RDF datasets".

RDF knowledge bases contain information about millions of resources, which can be queried using the standard querying language for RDF, SPARQL. However, this information is not easily accessible because it requires knowledge of SPARQL and the structure of the specific dataset to query; requirements that a common Internet user would not met. We propose a faceted browsing interface for these large-scale datasets that does not require prior knowledge of its structure or SPARQL. Faceted browsing consists on adding filters (known as facets) to display only the elements that met the restrictions. This system creates indexes for fast and easy searches over the dataset, allowing to compute and suggest facets to the user.

Fecha del evento
23 de Enero de 2018
11:30 - 12:30